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About the tour


Choose your own adventure! The gardens are divided into two groups

For a relaxed pace, we recommend visiting 4โ€“7 gardens per day. However, should you choose to try and visit ALL the gardens, we have numbered them to create a logical route.

EAstside gardens

Open Saturday, april 23 | 10 AM - 5 PM

WEstside gardens

Open Sunday, April 24 | 10 am to 5 pm

Garden Tour Etiquette

Visit gardens only on the day they are open and only during tour hours (10AM-5PM.)

Stay on marked walkways and paths, and do not enter areas that the hosts have not opened to tour goers.

The tour is smoke free. Use of tobacco or other products is prohibited.ย 

Photos taken on the tour are for personal use only. For public use inquiries, please contact us.

Do not collect seeds or cuttings.

We love your furry friends, but pets are not permitted on the tour.ย 

When parking, obey all traffic signs and please be sensitive to neighbors.

A SoCal Tradition: The Native Plant Garden Tour

Since 2003, more than 600 public and private landscapes have participated in the Native Plant Garden Tour. Ranging from coastal container gardens to modernist foothill estates to experimental urban homesteads, each unique design offers beauty and critical habitat for wildlife in one of the worldโ€™s biodiversity hotspots. The gardens on this tour contain at least 50 percent native plants.

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